Friday, June 08, 2007

[ Swept Away ]

Long time since last post , eH ? LoL !
I know that and many keep nagging to update.But really it's not of me, it's of the TIME !
If you know anywhere where I can buy ( TIME ) i'll be in the beginning of the list ,lol. Anyhow, finally today I get out and kept roaming in area next to my house and captured this shot =)

here you are

Deeply I wish everyone is fine and surrounding his\her beloved family and friends after disaster catastrophic Goun.Really wish Oman return for us especailly my beloved Muscat ^_^


Just Noticed that today is [ Sensation]'s Birthday.
Lets hope he's fine and his family too and to have a wonderful Gonu birthday .May all your dreams and wished turn true insha'allah ^_^
Have a blast =)

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